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National Retailer

The challenge

Previously, maintaining rosters was done using paper printouts or spreadsheets specific to each location. At the start of each week, 70 store managers copied their data into a centralised spreadsheet, which created timing hurdles and delayed payroll processes.

In addition to creating a better way of managing rosters, the retailer wanted the ability to easily run reports that would provide a clear understanding of why there were variations between actual hours worked and budgeted hours, so managers and key stakeholders could draw meaningful insights from this data.

OptimySME Odoo National Retailer Case Study

Our solution

OptimySME implemented RosterTime™ to handle rostering and timesheet recording and integrated this application into the retailer’s existing payroll system.

The rostering system enables the retailer to define all the roles within each shop, and to allocate employees to those roles. Rosters are easily maintained based on centralised data. Managers can set the roster for their store location in advance, providing better clarity for their team members.

Store managers are presented with proposed timesheet records based on roster data. The store managers can edit or add details as required to reflect what actually happened in the shop each day.

Payroll administrators can review the timesheet entries at any stage to ensure entries are complete before creating the payroll entries. The creation of payroll now caters for overtime at a daily and weekly level, plus any leave, and helps the retailer better manage statutory leave obligations. Once payroll data is confirmed, the final result is exported into a third-party system.

For store managers, there’s less repetitive, manual workaround maintaining rosters and timesheets, less paper waste, and less risk of losing data if something happens to a local spreadsheet or to paper copies.
For those in head office, decisions can be made faster, based on insights from accurate and timely information readily accessed across store locations.

RosterTime™ makes regulatory compliance easier

RosterTime™ handles New Zealand holiday legislation, catering for statutory leave, public holidays team members worked (not rostered) and public holidays worked (rostered).

Store managers can easily record employee holidays, including national or regional holidays, and days in lieu. Using this data, RosterTime™ populates the number of expected hours each team member works, but each store manager can make changes to reflect actual hours worked.

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