Odoo Apps


Improve performance and process times 

Maximise warehouse efficiency with Odoo's smart double entry inventory system. Double-entry inventory has no stock input, output or transformation. Instead, all operations are stock moves between locations. 

Simplify and automate

Multi warehouse management



Pick 'n' pack

Use Odoo to ensure each team member knows exactly what they should be doing and when. Bundle orders for more efficiency. We have added customised functions to enable warehouse path optimisation so that you can do more than ever before. 

Automate re-orders

Make the most of automated re-orders so you can keep just the stock you need on hand and avoid overstock or stockouts. Use order points and automated request for quotes (RFQs) to make the supply chain more efficient. 

Real-time reporting

Get a complete picture of what's happening across operations with in-depth reporting. Make smarter decisions faster with real-time reporting, and use custom dashboards to quickly gain access to the data you care about most.