Energy Industry

Start using an integrated,
digital solution for better insights and outcomes

Utilities face a unique set of challenges as demand increases and digitisation becomes necessary to adapt, better manage precious resources, and maintenance while meeting the needs of consumers. 

offers Energy & Utility providers an integrated solution that is:


Accurate planning and forecasting based on real-time data for faster, smarter decisions.


Improve operations, productivity and sales with one, integrated solution for everything.


Reduce manual tasks to save time and effort across teams. Get more done faster than ever. 


Boost growth - a digital solution that can help you manage and adapt to changes in the market.


Set up, improve, automate and manage processes with a solution that grows with you.

Top Features Energy & Utility Love


Finance & accounting

Manage invoicing, bills and expenses, with ease. Dynamic statements, reconciliation tools and bank synchronisation make complex finance processes easier. 



Capture customer information in a centralised location and use this data to anticipate trends and needs so you can offer the right products to the right customer at the right time.


Built in compliance

Manage accounts and traditionally complex financial processes with security and fine-grained control over access to sensitive customer information.


Order management

Automate the process from start to finish to remove manual steps. Automatically ensure service orders and supply orders where you need them, when you need them, every time.


Marketing & sales

Reach customers on their communications channel of choice with automated and targeted marketing campaigns. Quickly generate and send professional quotes and close deals faster. 


Supply chain

Automate processes, from receiving an order through to ecommerce or sales, to generating a purchase order, and replenishing materials. Easily track everything.


360-degree view

Odoo enables a complete and accurate picture of operations at any time. A complete view fuels improved decision making as the business grows.