Financial Services

Reduce risks with increased control and built-in security

The financial services industry operates in a highly regulated environment, placing extra reliance on systems to ensure compliance and internal controls. Simplify processes and compliance by consolidating systems and making use of Odoo's features:

  • Separate responsibilities. Odoo allows for separation at a responsibility level (separate roles for banking versus invoicing) or within a process (create invoices, invoice approval)

  • Define groups for improved confidentiality and security. Groups determine create, read, update, delete rights at a data model level. You can even control rights at a menu or form field level

  • Configure delegated financial authorities for both purchasing and invoicing, with workflow and approve/decline options

  • Audit logging. Log all data changes so you know exactly who changed what and when, down to the creation, update, and deletion of records

offers financial professionals an integrated solution that is:


Accurate planning based on real-time measures and customer insights.


Use as many apps as required to manage all parts of your business in a single application.


Remove manual steps and duplication between disparate systems.


Compliance and security measures are built-in and can be localised.


Odoo grows with your business. Add apps and functions when needed.

Top Features Financial Professionals Love



Capture customer information in a centralised location and use this data to offer the right products to the right customer at the right time.


Built in compliance

Manage accounts and traditionally complex financial processes with secuirty and finer control over access to sensitive information.


Modern interface

Easily automate essential processes from start to finish, while saving time with an easy-to-use interface. Business software doesn't have to be difficult.


Planning and scheduling

Automatically balance business and client needs, ensuring services and financial products are offered to right clients at the right time.


Global capability

Odoo supports multi-currency and multi-company businesses by integrating everything into a single system.


Tax engine

Easily run tax computations such as percentage, price included/excluded and exemptions, and confirm results with tax audit reports.


360 degree view

Odoo enables a complete and accurate picture of operations at any time. A complete view fuels improved decision making as the business grows.



Create invoices automatically and reduce redundant data entry.