Odoo apps

We help organisations by delivering business management software that can manage,
streamline and integrate every business function you can think of with Odoo. Below are just some of the possibilities. 

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Close more deals, faster and easier with streamlined process for delivering documents and completing contracts with one integrated solution. Say goodbye to paper, and say hello to easy online management!


Streamline essential accounting tasks and processes and ensure compliance is built into everything you do. Odoo enables greater control and permissions to protect sensitive information.


Improve performance and process times by gaining the most efficient method for managing and tracking inventory as it moves from purchase to warehouse to customer. Carry less inventory and completely avoid stockouts.


Gain a solution that works on any device, is incredibly flexible, easy to use and can be configured to suit your needs. Online or offline, this solution works the same way, providing peace of mind in the event of an outage.


Better recruitment, centralised employee information, improved time management, leave tracking, compliance, and expense claims. Save time and gain peace of mind with a solution that makes it easier to look after people.


Build attractive, targeted campaign materials that are sure to convert. Imagine integrate campaigns across social media, email, SMS, events and surveys bundled with marketing automation to streamline processes.


Automate and streamline shop floor operations while gain an accurate, real time view of what’s happening at any moment. Integrated quality control measures make it easier than ever to spot issues and conduct maintenance.


Use integrated apps and features to optimise and manage the complete product life cycle, inventory and transport process. Know where inventory is at all times so you can deliver on time.


Gain a modern, attractive website and product pages using drag and drop tools and sales-optimised templates. Create custom designs in moments, easily update pages and run targeted marketing campaigns.