How profitable are your projects and business units?

Use OptimySME’s custom modules for better financial insights

Finance and Accounting are top of mind for all businesses.

At OptimySME we’re determined to make it easier for SMEs to manage these processes while gaining insights and visibility into what is happening across the business at a financial level. 

Ever wanted to know how profitable various business units are? What about individual projects? In the case of managing multiple locations, which are the most profitable? How profitable is servicing and maintaining assets?  

These are just a few of the most frequent questions SMEs are answering by slicing and dicing financial information in a meaningful way using our Segmented Accounting Module. 

Introducing our Segmented Accounting Module:   

Of course, methods already exist to work out cost and profit, but the way this is currently done does not always offer the level of accuracy, transparency and timeliness required to make essential day-to-day decisions.  

The Segmented Accounting Module is designed to help SMEs simplify recording and reporting on financial performance. The module removes manual steps, improves the quality of financial information, and enables users to easily create reporting focused on accounting questions that need answers.  

The module allows SMEs to record and report on financial transactions for different attributes: a project, a business unit, or a division, to name a few.

If you would like more information, please contact our solutions expert, Kevin McMenamin. OptimySMEs custom modules are designed to work with Odoo, open source business management software loved by millions. Get the best ERP for your Kiwi SME.  

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