Egmont Industrial Steel

Egmont Industrial Supply was struggling with their finance and inventory software as it had become outdated and needed to be replaced. The business had been using a mix of applications and spreadsheets to manage operations. It was clear that this way of working was not efficient, nor was it providing the business with adequate information and insights.  

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Warehouse Building Supplies

Warehouse Building Supplies is a Kiwi-owned business that specialises in fencing and landscaping timber. It strives to provide its customers with the most competitive prices. 

The business had been making do with an older system, which did not enable integration between different sales channels, particularly Point of Sale (POS) and eCommerce. Leadership sought to invest in a new software solution to increase reliability, productivity, and consistency, of customer interactions across all sales channels. 

Warehouse Building Supplies approached OptimySME because it required more than a replacement Point of Sale system – the solution needed to be capable of delivering a range of functions, integrating all elements of its business. An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution looked to fit the bill.

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