Is Health & Safety compliance the bane of your existence?

While we can't wave a magic wand and make compliance disappear, we can make it easier

If you are the owner or director of a small- to medium-sized business in New Zealand, it is essential to ensure that you are compliant with Health & Safety legislation. Failing to comply can result in significant penalties, including civil and criminal charges against directors and officers. This makes it more critical than ever to have a comprehensive system for managing Health & Safety.

In New Zealand, we have encountered quite a few businesses still using paper filing systems (binders anyone?), spreadsheets, or stand-alone applications to manage Health & Safety compliance, which have known limitations when it comes to locating, sharing, protecting, and analysing Health & Safety information. To protect your business and gain peace of mind, it is worthwhile to move forward with a reliable and effective solution to manage and meet your Health & Safety obligations. 

OptimySME’s Health & Safety solution is designed for SMEs

OptimySME’s Health & Safety solution is specifically designed to help SMEs meet New Zealand-specific legal requirements. It is highly configurable, allowing businesses to tailor the solution to their unique needs. A streamlined digital dashboard provides a summary of information, which can be customised to show only what is relevant to you.

Our solution enables businesses to track:

  • incidents, corrective actions, and hazards
  • more detailed information around corrective actions and specific hazards linked to most incidents
  • Health & Safety compliance across multi-location businesses

Accessible anywhere; leave nothing to chance

Using OptimySME’s custom Health & Safety module as part a complete business management solution, empowers all employees to log incidents directly.

  • Data entry can be done at the time of an incident using a handheld device, providing complete and accurate information capture
  • Gathering the right information at the right time, enables businesses to gain a more comprehensive picture of what's going on and determine remedial actions through data analytics
  • Task management around incidents and compliance activities is made easy with automated emails, tracking who has to do what and by when
  • For greater peace of mind, this solution exists online and is securely stored on the cloud, with data backed up regularly to protect against accidental alteration or deletion

Are you a Kiwi SME looking to simplify compliance? If you would like to discuss how OptimySME’s Health & Safety solution can work for your business, please contact Kevin McMenamin for a free, no obligation chat. 


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