Is preparing goods for shipping costing you?

How to save time, money and effort with OptimySME custom modules

Getting your product to the right customers on time is an important part of the sales process.

Whether you’re a manufacturer shipping to distributors or a retailer shipping orders to clients through a warehouse, this is a multi-step process that typically includes external resources for the actual delivery process.

At OptmySME we understand these shipping challenges all too well. We work with many different SME clients across manufacturing, retail and distribution. While Odoo does a great job automating many important business processes, we saw a need to design a custom module that simplified understanding shipping costs and printing labels.

Introducing OptimySME’s Courier Integration Module

You guessed it, the Courier Integration module integrates Odoo with leading New Zealand freight and courier operations as well as aggregators such as GOSweetSpot.

The module integrates to provision weight and dimensions of goods based on a list of items you need to ship. This way it’s clear what shipping costs are without taking parcels or pallets to be weighed.

The Courier Integration module simplifies and automates printing shipping labels to eliminate double handling. There’s no longer a need to manually enter all the records and print out each label once costs are understood.

The module is also designed to raise warnings around dangerous goods, which require extra care during shipping. Automated reminders about additional requirements ensure that these goods make it to their intended destination without incident.

For more information or to discuss what’s happening in your business, please contact our resident Odoo expert Kevin McMenamin.

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