Odoo named on Capterra’s open source ERP software shortlist

We’re thrilled to see Odoo recognised around the world as a top business management software/ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution for small to medium businesses! We work with Odoo’s business management software suite specifically because we are that passionate about this open source software and its power to transform operations.  

Original article published 29 March 2023.

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Open source does not mean free  

We don’t mean to be cheeky!

While it’s true that many open source software providers offer a free version for businesses to test and get started with, open source software is defined as software created with source code that is made freely available for modification and redistribution.  

The free version of Odoo (Community Edition) is robust, but many features important to small businesses can only be accessed by purchasing the paid Enterprise version. We recommend either the Community or Enterprise Odoo software version based on what matters most: your business goals.  

Open source software benefits  


A driven community of developers, with diverse perspectives, work with the source code and share their work to improve Odoo.


There are many developers and programmers continually testing, troubleshooting issues bug fixing, and creating new features. 


Allows for innovation – especially smaller-scale changes that add value. Not reliant on the vendor, preventing lock-ins.

Why Odoo?

Fully integrated

Use an app to manage any business function

Loved by millions

With 7 million users worldwide, you're in good hands


Enjoy a simple user interface that lets you do more 

Grows with you

Be ready for whatever the future holds


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