Odoo named top 10 ERP software for 2022

We’re excited to see Odoo making a splash among Kiwi and international SMEs.

Folio3 Dynamics, a United States-based firm, ranked Odoo as #1 on their list stating:  

“While we earlier mentioned the inherent complex characteristic of ERP systems, Odoo is one software that is developed keeping in view customer experience and simplicity. The interface of the system is designed to be intuitive and is reminiscent of Google Drive with clearly visible functionalities”. 

We agree the user interface is streamlined and built to make it easy for busy professionals to get things done. 

Original post published 6 December 2021.

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By now it’s no secret: we’re all in with Odoo 

We 100% believe that Odoo provides the right mix of ingredients to support kiwi SMEs. Even if you do not wish to go forward with Odoo, we are still happy to provide independent advice to help you move forward with certainty (service fees apply). 

Would you like to talk about what's happening in your business and learn more about choosing an ERP solution? Book a 15-min phone meeting with Kevin McMenamin, our ERP guru. 

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