OptimySME featured on Lloyd Burr Live

What can an ERP solution do for your Kiwi SME?

Recording from 12 September 2022 -

Kevin McMenamin appeared on Lloyd Burr Live - Business Block. Listen along for the answers to several key questions:

• What does OptimySME do for small to medium businesses (SMES)? 

 • What is an ERP solution and why would a SME need one? 

• What should owners of SMEs look for in an ERP solution? 

• How is an ERP solution going to help my manufacturing business? 

• How will an ERP solution help to maintain and track quality?

• How will an ERP solution help manage changes in how products are produced over time? 

• and more .... 

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How can Kiwi SMEs use ERP software to improve compliance?
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