OptimySME goes on air to talk ERP for SMEs

Kevin McMenamin talks ERP for Kiwi SMEs


Recording from 5 September 2022 -

In this episode, Kevin McMenamin shares more about enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions for small and medium businesses (SMEs). He also provides more in-depth information for warehousing and distribution businesses, with future episodes covering: manufacturing, retail, and digital engagement.

Listen for answers to the following key questions:

• What is an ERP solution and why would a small or medium business need one?
• What are the sorts of day-to-day problems in a business that signal it’s time to invest in an ERP solution?
• What should small business owners look for in an ERP solution?
• How can an ERP solution help SMEs manage their supply chain? 
• What can an ERP solution do for warehousing and distribution businesses currently importing products, stocking a warehouse, and processing sales?
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How Can SMEs Successfully Implement an ERP Solution?