New Modules Available

We have just published three new modules, all available for free and downloadable from

Anglo-Saxon Account (account_anglo_saxon)

If your business involves the sale of stocked items then it is likely you will be using anglo-saxon accounting. What this means is that the cost of sale is recognised when the sale invoice is confirmed, rather than being recognised at end of month by valuing the closing stock. The advantage of this method is your gross profit is known at any time during the period, and your Odoo financial system tracks margin at a product level.

Our module extends standard Odoo to provide correct accounting for the costs around financial (as distinct from stock) credits, plus provides the accounting team with reporting to manage the control accounts used for anglo-saxon.

OptimySME has significant experience in Odoo accounting and the set up and management of anglo-saxon accounting in particular. If you would like to know more about how this can benefit your business, please feel free to contact us.

Reversing Journal Entries (account_auto_reverse)

Accruals are a normal month-end process. With this module, the reversal of accruals can be automated simply, removing a manual step from the month end.

Importing Bank Statements from CSV (account_bank_statement_mapped_import)

For Enterprise customers, Odoo provides automated bank integration for the mainstream banks. This module is for community users or Enterprise users that need to handle non-mainstream banks - for example non-NZD bank accounts or credit card statements.

For these situations, our module allows you to configure a mapping for the institution's CSV download to create a bank statement in Odoo. This is a more powerful and useful solution than using the standard Odoo import functionality and once set up can be used by anyone in the accounting team.

Go to to download any of these modules. 



30 May, 2022
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