Warehouse Building Supplies

The challenge

Warehouse Building Supplies is a Kiwi-owned business that specialises in fencing and landscaping timber. It strives to provide its customers with the most competitive prices. 

The business had been making do with an older system, which did not enable integration between different sales channels, particularly Point of Sale (POS) and eCommerce. Leadership sought to invest in a new software solution to increase reliability, productivity, and consistency, of customer interactions across all sales channels. 

Warehouse Building Supplies approached OptimySME because it required more than a replacement Point of Sale system – the solution needed to be capable of delivering a range of functions, integrating all elements of its business. An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution looked to fit the bill.

Our solution

OptimySME established a dialogue with key stakeholders within Warehouse Building Supplies to understand and address the current pain points in the existing system. It was essential that the software solution could manage and integrate sales, inventory, POS, eCommerce, and purchasing; and that it also allowed integration with the existing accounting software. 

Odoo ERP was an obvious fit. The broad range of modules satisfied the functional needs, and allowed the business to start small and scale the solution, while realising the benefits of seamless integration from a single software suite.  

Business outcomes

One system now records all customer interactions, regardless of how a customer contacts Warehouse Building Supplies. Pricing for retail customers and account holders is consistent, no matter how a customer contacts the team – by visiting in-store, shopping online, or placing email or phone orders. 

The business now has inventory visibility at POS across its two locations, and can manage purchasing and transfers in an integrated way, with better inventory control. 

Most importantly, the business has a single view of all customer interactions covering all sales channels across both sales locations, enabling better stakeholder communication and insights throughout the supply chain.