Community Odoo Modules

A collection of free open-source Odoo modules provided under AGPL-3 licence.

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Smartpay POS terminals integration with Odoo's POS                                     module via the API. 
Seamless and powerful.

Jasper Reports

An alternative to the built-in webkit reports, our module allows developers to render their reports with Jasper Reports by using a bridge to communicate with a standalone report-renderer web-app.


  Anglo- Saxon Accounting

This module adds extra functionality around anglo-saxon accounting. It resolves the issue of accounting for financial versus stock credits and provides useful reporting to manage the control accounts.


AutoReversing Journals

This module provides the ability to set a journal as auto-reversing with an optional reversal date. Useful for end of month accrual journals.


  Bank Statement Import

Odoo Enterprise provides the ability to automate the downloading of bank statements as a scheduled task. But for Community instances, or for non-standard bank formats (such as overseas or credit card expenses) this module enables CSV files downloaded from the financial institution to be imported into Odoo to create a bank statement for coding and processing based on configuration of the CSV file format by bank. 


All of our modules listed in this section are free to use and distributed under AGPL-3 licence.

If you have any questions, please get in touch via the contact us page.