Odoo Apps

Marketing Automation

Get the support of a team from an app

What if you could access modern marketing templates that can be customised in a few clicks, run targeted campaigns through social media, email and SMS, and gain reports on the results with less effort? Odoo lets you do all this and more. 

Efficient lead management

Lead generation

Reach new prospects using the Odoo website, Odoo email and Odoo events. Warm leads with nurturing.

Lead qualification

Score leads based on demographics and behaviors and assign sales to follow up using Odoo CRM.

Lead nurturing

Segment leads according to goals and interests, and offer them value through nurturing campaigns.

automate, automate

Trigger any action you need to streamline workflows. Automate tasks like moving leads forward in your sales funnel, assigning prospects to your sales team, updating a record and more. Use if/then actions to perform specific tasks after an email has been opened, clicked or replied to.

Map the complete customer journey

Easily customise workflows with an intuitive visual interface. With Odoo, you can craft a multi-stage campaign with several paths that are as simple as two-steps campaigns. Add sophistication with actions and time triggers.

Email campaigns in moments

Use Odoo to design attractive and engaging email campaigns with its easy-to-use drag and drop interface. Use predefined building blocks to generate clean paragraphs, calls-to-action, or images without touching a single line of code.

Social Media

Plan posts, engage customers and monitor and analyse results. Find new customers, start conversations with live chat, and use timed posts and push notifications to encourage prospects to take the next steps.

Find out what marketing works

Use built-in monitoring and reporting tools to understand who is clicking on what and when. Use this data to adjust campaigns and make decisions about future marketing.